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Turning and milling

PPHU Ewa – A leader in precision CNC production orders

PPHU Ewa specialises in CNC turning and milling. Thanks to our experience in the industry, we can provide precision machining services to your complete satisfaction. Since the origins of our business, we handpick experienced professionals for our team who are willing to learn and improve the skills they already have.

We design, develop, and fulfil orders to the specifications of our customers. The high quality of our products guarantees satisfaction for many industries. Our impressive production facilities feature innovative machinery for the extremely precise fabrication of products with superior manufacturing quality.

Our understanding of the market and our customers’ needs allows us to manufacture high-quality workpieces for a wide range of industries. Our business is focused on flexibility, impeccable quality and an excellent visual finish. We are convinced that we can meet the expectations of even the most exacting customers who look for comprehensive, end-to-end CNC machining services.

CNC machining

Our range

We specialise in turning and milling precision parts from bar stock. We use this technology to manufacture high-performance components that find applications in numerous industries, including automotive, medical, and aerospace.
We can turn workpieces on automatic CNC lathes to ensure precision results within a relatively short turnaround time. We fabricate components for many industrial sectors. The manufacturing process is carried...
CNC turning is a part of our range of services and guarantees highly accurate and repeatable production performance. The risk of manufacturing defective components is minimised, which greatly reduces the...

CNC machining

Obróbka skrawaniem CNC

Advanced CNC technologies

Our speciality is CNC machining of products by turning and milling. All our operations are carried out in compliance with high precision for the superior quality of services.

We ensure end-to-end project delivery. Our services include:

  • Procurement of materials from reliable suppliers;
  • Manufacturing in professional production facilities;
  • Heat and surface treatment;
  • Assembly.

CNC machining is processed to the customer’s order specifications. We manufacture both simple and complex parts which require high precision of machining. Our objective is to meet all customer requirements by offering products of the highest quality.

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